Bérenger Balzeau, development manager at “le chantier Hervé” in La Rochelle, explains the Éole project:

How did “le chantier Hervé” come to be involved in the Éole project?

“The Éole project involves the construction of a custom-built yacht: from the tree to the launch. The order came to us via naval architects Axel de Beaufort (overall design and ship interior) and Guillaume Verdier (construction and formalization of the hulls). As is often the case, architects consult a number of players in the trade, and draw on the skills of the construction sites they work with. For the Éole project, for example, we chose Toubois to supply the marine plywood.”

How did Toubois come to be chosen for this project?

“Defining the specifications for the construction took several months, in a three-way relationship between the architects, the Hervé yard and the end customer, who wished to be involved in the project: we received him once a month on site. The interior fittings required the use of high-quality marine plywood (technical, finer and higher quality than conventional marine plywood). We had it made to our specifications by Toubois, who also supplied the veneers for the finishing touches.”

How would you describe your experience of working with Toubois?

“Toubois is a recognized player in the shipbuilding sector, and a long-standing supplier to the Hervé shipyard, for both technical and appearance products. As product quality is a prerequisite, we emphasize the quality of service we enjoy with Toubois in terms of follow-up and customer relations.”


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